NIDA Jewellery

Kristina Slezeviciene

My Name is Kristina, I am a Lithuanian emigrant who has been living in Ireland for many years now. Since childhood I like to draw, I paint every day the walls, paintings. I studied at a very beautiful art school and I met many good teachers who taught me to see more and inspired me to create. I’ve been making jewellery since 2011 years, the story is : I needed for wedding my friends , a jewellery, something special and I can’t find it, so I decided to try to make it myself, and you know it yourself ,as one likes it, others, have begun production on the orders of others.
That’s how NIDA jewellery was born. Why NIDA ? NIDA is the name of a woman and a small resort town in my country, where my childhood summer passed.
Well, you ask what they are special about? I will answer you, because it is a handmade and Unique, never be the same. My works have been developed with a wide range of techniques, constantly improving jewellery skills.
In this shop you can buy not only jewellery but also hair accessories, especially I love individual orders, this is always a challenge for me.
Everything is special for you
I love to create
with Love
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Market : Nida Jewellery.
Market every first month Saturday in Tullamore Food Market.
Jewellery workshops in Tullamore Library.
Phone: 0857136599