Elma Lawless

Elma Lawless based in Durrow, County Offaly, is the maker behind the Zukey name.  Inspired by her boys Zach and Luke, Zukey was born out of her desire to bring colour and the outdoors into the lives of her children.  Tired of the blue and pink options, a lot of the fabrics she uses are gender neutral and vibrant.
Elma makes a range of products including cushions, dress up clothes, hats and hairbands using colourful cotton fabric always with a nod to the outdoors and her environment.  Elma also provides a bespoke service, making personalised products using fabric with a special significance to the individual.
Becoming a parent changed my perspective on life. Spending time with my babies allowed me to slow down, hear the birds and see the leaves on the trees. For so long I was in a rush but now I want to make my boys aware of the world around them, to see the rainbows and the ladybirds. I try to bring the outdoors into our home when we can’t be outside exploring. My design work is about encouraging creativity within my own family and extending that beyond our home. Having my own children gave me the courage to give this a go.

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