Elma Lawless

Elma Lawless is a new maker who has recently launched her first product. The Zukey Tree is an interactive children’s mural, which the user makes from a kit. It is designed as an ongoing craft project for parents and children to make together. The starter kit contains the basic elements: a stencil of a tree, felt leaves, birds and animals. Once the tree is established, families can buy addition sets of felt pieces to decorate their tree. These can be changed seasonally or over time. Lawless designed The Zukey Tree in response to a need. She found it difficult to buy a children’s mural that was also a creative project – not just a sticker on the wall – and wanted to make something that would reflect nature as a child experiences it. Experimenting with her own family, she found that as children grow taller they interact with the tree on a different physical level and their choice of decoration changes as they develop. Lawless is also working on a range of soft furnishings and decorations for children’s rooms that continue the theme of the natural world and complement The Zukey Tree. She is based in Durrow, County Offaly.