Briona Reynolds

Visual Artist

Bríona Reynolds Visual Artist

There is beauty in imperfection.

Bríona makes hand-built ceramic pieces that are often reflective of forms or fragments found in nature. She enjoys the raw material properties of clay and minerals and is continuously experimenting with these materials and processes to advance her work.

Having completed a Bachelors in Fine Art Ceramics (Hons.)  in Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. She is currently developing herself as a Visual Artist having featured in various exhibitions around Galway and Westmeath along with having a collection in Sliding Rocks Contemporary Ceramics in Spiddal Craft Centre.

The work focuses on revealing the simple subtleties found in nature, exploiting the tactile qualities of form and surface to offer a sensory experience. The forms are a way to preserve the ephemeral qualities of natural cycles. Sensuous surfaces, muted colours and fluid forms create quite relationships meant to entice visually and physically.



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